Burning with Faith!



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Hosanna is engaged in a capital campaign that we hope will diminish our mortgage debt to zero, so we can be free to focus our resources on mission and ministry in exciting new ways. After a decade of campaigns, our remaining obligation is $240,000.  Imagine what we can do to serve God and change lives if we are debt-free!

This update just in from the "Burning with Faith" Team:

This past weekend Hosanna celebrated a major milestone in its effort to become debt-free and possibility-filled. At our Commitment Sunday luncheon the Burning with Faith team shared that a total of $385,251 has been committed to the campaign over the next three years – an incredible testament of Hosanna’s faith in its bright future!  Additionally, pledges in the amount of $107,920 in up-front gifts were received as a part of this total (taking full advantage of the generous $20,000 matching fund offer), which will help to immediately reduce our principle and impact future interest.


This is an amazing start to the campaign which we should all celebrate in our hearts and through our voices! As Pastor Boldt stated, “I thank God for working in the hearts and souls of everyone at Hosanna.”


This is the final week to accept pledges to the campaign for which we set a goal of $400,000. We’re nearly there! So, if you have yet to be a part of this incredible moment, please turn in your pledge card during the service on May 31 and be a part of Hosanna history!