Council Teams

Care Team

The purpose of the Care Team is to offer Christ's compassionate care to members of the congregation and community.  The Care Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Organizations of the Congregation
  • Fellowship
  • Local Service Agencies
  • Congregational Care

Discipleship Team

The purpose of the Discipleship Team is to grow in our faith and to share it with others, both within and outside the congregation.  The Discipleship Team at Hosanna encompasses these areas of ministry:

  • Adult Education
  • Family Life
  • Children and Youth

Spiritual Life Team

The purpose of the Spiritual Life Team is to enrich the worship experience and prayer life at Hosanna.   We share our gifts with God by being servants for God, God's people, the liturgy and our worship space.  The Spiritual Life Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Lay Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Worship Preparation Ministry

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team focuses on preparing us to consider prayerfully the use of all the gifts God has given us, including the world's resources, our church resources, our personal talents, and our financial resources.  The team educates and informs so that we can maintain a healthy balance in the use of our time, talents, and finances in our world, our work, our family, and our church.  The Stewardship Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Property
  • Christian Living
  • Benevolence
  • Giving

Finance Team

The purpose of the Finance Team is to manage the church's financial resources in order to support our ministries.  The team assures that the financial affairs of the congregation are being handled in an efficient and business-like manner to further the mission of Hosanna Lutheran Church in the community and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The Finance Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Income
  • Disbursements
  • Management
  • Audit

Lay Leadership Team

The purpose of the Lay Leadership Team is to develop, train, and support lay ministry and leadership development in the congregation.  The Lay Leadership Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Calls to Service
  • Training
  • Encouragement
  • Conflict Resolution

Mission Focus Team

The purpose of the Mission Focus Team is to keep our congregation focused on our mission and serving together in accomplishing it.  The Mission Focus Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Communication
  • Focus on Service
  • Radical Hospitality¬†
  • Long-Range Planning

Staff Support Team

The purpose of the Staff Support Team is to direct and support the paid staff so they can carry out their ministries effectively.  The Staff Support Team at Hosanna encompasses four areas of ministry:

  • Personnel
  • Care
  • Office Management
  • Conflict Resolution



Sharon Lindquist, Care Team Leader






Mindy Williams, Discipleship Team Leader






Pamela Wells, Spiritual Life Team Leader







Jeff Hartmann, Stewardship Team Leader








Kathy Burns, Finance Team Leader








David Vroom, Lay Leadership Team Leader






Betty Dove, Mission Focus Team Leader






Valerie Oden, Staff Support Team Leader